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Neria Pro II Clog

Neria Pro II Clog


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For all of our working people!

These clogs are made from Crocs very own patent material called "Croslite".  Croslite is a closed cell material which means it won't absorb and liquids, so if you spill anything on them, if you sweat in them, if you take them in the water, they won't break, stain, or stink!  It also makes them super easy to clean!  They also have fully enclosed toes and heels to keep your feet safe.

The soles of the shoes have Crocs patent Crocs Lock to make sure you don't slip on the job.

The relaxed fit gives the a little room in a shoe, but not too much where it flees sloppy.  The insoles are made with Crocs dual comfort which makes them perfect for walking all day.

ASTM F2913 tested and CE certified.

Heel Height: 1.75"

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