Looking for Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog in Black ? We have it!

Kids' Classic Glitter Clog
Kids' Classic Glitter Clog
Kids' Classic Glitter Clog

Kids' Classic Glitter Clog

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Shine bright like a Glitter Clog!

These clogs are made from one mould which means that the upper won't separate from the soles and deem the shoes useless!  They are also made from Crocs very own material called "Croslite".  They are also covered in glitter that has been glued and packed down very tightly, so you won't have to worry about it coming off everywhere.

Croslite is a closed cell material which means it won't absorb and liquids, so if you spill anything on them, if you sweat in them, if you take them in the water, they won't break, stain, or stink!  It also makes them super easy to clean!

Holes all over the shoe let all the water and debris out that gets inside.  It also allows you to design them with your favourite Jibbitz.  The strap on the back pivots back and forth to let you switch from sport mode to comfort mode in a breeze.

The roomy fit gives the most room possible in a shoe and the iconic comfort gives durability without sacrificing any comfort!

Heel height: 0.75"